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Base Z serves as a safe and variable foundation for the proven CYBEX Z-Line modular system. The innovative rotation mechanism ofthe Base Z makes it possible to swivel the car seat toward the car door for easier in and out.

In addition, it is equipped with a Driving Direction Control (DDC). This prevents forward-facing use entirely (Cloud Z i-Size) or before the child has met the age and size requirements (Sirona Z i-Size).

L 665 mm / W 405 mm / H 365 mm

Height load leg: min. 275 mm -max. 530 mm

Base Z: 7.7 kg

Key Features & Benefits

• 360°rotation for Sirona Z i-Size car seat

• 180°rotation for Cloud Z i-Size car seat

• Individually adjustable ISOFIXconnectors and a height adjustable load leg for maximum stability

• One-click installation, eliminating the need to further secure the car seat with the seat belt

• Coloured installation indicators to confirm that it has been installed correctly

• Acoustic warning signal on the load leg, in case of improper installation